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The Prop to EVOLVE your Restorative Yoga

by Amanda Nicole
Save Serenity

As any yoga practitioner knows Restorative Yoga is essential in a well-rounded yoga practice. I love Power Flow as much as the next person but I wouldn’t be able to heal as well as I do without Yin or Restorative yoga.


Many of us find Restorative very challenging because it is so hard to fully let go while holding your body in a certain position. Holding poses for a long time can be difficult on certain bodies. My endurance runs out quickly with chronic fatigue and most times it is more physically exhausting to hold a 3 minute Yin pose than it is to do an hour of Vinyasa Yoga.

I recently found a Lotus Wrap from Earth to Ethers like I’ve never encountered before. It has a belt loop for easy use and is wide to make comfort the number one priority.


I started using this while dealing with high anxiety. It worked so well for me that I instantly grabbed it when my daughter suffered a panic attack (many children with gastrointestinal problems also suffer from anxiety disorders). I wrapped her up in a child’s pose with the Lotus Wrap and within ONE MINUTE she was breathing slower and feeling much better. It’s a proven science, the pressure caused by using the Lotus Wrap calms the nervous system which is great for Restorative Yoga and any tension or stress held in the body.

The Lotus Wrap can be used for any pose you can imagine. It’s as easy as a regular yoga strap and can be used in many of the same ways with much more comfort.

Also, the Lotus Wrap is eco-friendly as they only use plant-based fabrics that aren’t treated with herbicides or pesticides. Their packaging is minimal, made from recyclable paper and compostable plastic.

The Lotus Wrap also comes with a beautiful guide to poses with it as well as access to online tutorials to help you get instant relief. It is easy to pack for use anywhere and for safe keeping.

I was most surprised with the difference in poses like child’s pose. Without having to press my seat back to my heels my body melted completely down to the mat and the stress in my shoulders dissipated. It’s definitely great to have at least one of these. But I warn you,  if you have children, you’ll fight for the comfort of the Lotus Wrap. And even worse, if you have a spouse with lower back pain (who doesn’t? ) you’ll never get the Lotus Wrap to yourself!



Amanda Nicole @ Save Serenity

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