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For those of us who have yet to meet, my name is Kara. I'm the founder of Earth to Ethers and creator of the Lotus Wrap. It was a blessing and hmm, how do I say this ... my 'path' to design the Lotus Wrap. Five years ago during a Vipassana meditation course I STRUGGLED HARD to find a comfortable seat. Over the course of that 10 day retreat the prop I needed began to flesh out in my mind. It was such a simple solution I honestly thought I'd leave the course able to buy one. It never dawned on me no one would be making it already! It took a few months to realize that finding new career path was what drew me back to Vipassana in the first place! Though starting a business was about the furthest thing from my mind, yet here we are five years later.

I say 'we' because even though I am the sole employee of Earth to Ethers, there are many, many, many, many, many, many, many souls who contribute to it's success, and man am I ever grateful!

This path is my teacher, my guru. It brings it all! ... victory, defeat, courage, fear, bliss, stress, indulgence & famine. The biggest lessons by far have been practicing non-attachment and learning to move & grow at my own pace. Earth to Ethers is still a small company because I move at a ridiculously mindful (aka slow) pace.

Above all I'm grateful to be here learning, creating and doing what we do. This summer we'll be at a number of yoga and music festivals: Folk Fest Vancouver, Wanderlust Whistler and Bhakti Fest. If you have time to come and say Hi I'd love to meet! 

Sat Nam, Namaste and with Metta beautiful souls

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