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Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I determine which size Lotus Wrap to buy? 

The 96" inch (8' foot) long Lotus Wraps generally fits most body shapes and sizes in most of the poses. The exceptions to the rule are Staff Pose and Shoulder Wrap. For those of you blessed with long legs or curvy figures you may want to consider an X-Long Lotus Wrap if the aforementioned poses are important to you.

How do I measure? 

Using a flexible tape measure or 8' foot long yoga strap test the poses on yourself to determine whether the 96" inch Wrap will be enough. As long as there are a minimum of three inches of fabric to pull through the rings, it will fit.   

How do I stop the fabric from slipping? 

Simply spread the fabric out between the two rings with your fingers so it takes up more room and ensure it is not twisted. 

This typically occurs if the fabric tail is twisted or is pulled upward, downward or backward (towards the logo). It is best to draw the fabric tail in a straight line through the rings or it can bunch and slip back through the loops. If spreading the fabric out in the rings does not work, simply undo the fabric all the way, ensure the fabric is not twisted and re-thread through the rings. 

How do I care for my Lotus Wrap? 

Instructions for care are listed on each Lotus Wrap tag. Please read the care label carefully. 

Machine washable, delicate cycle, tumble dry low or hang to dry, iron low. 


  • Hang to dry and eliminate the need to iron 
  • Wash/dry in a mesh garment bag or place two socks over the rings to stop them from banging around in the machine. 

Do you offer custom orders? 

Yes. Minimum quantities apply. Email your inquiry to kara@earthtoethers.com

Do you offer gift wrapping and packaging? 

Yes, we do! Our eco-friendly wrapping is not only beautiful but completely compostable! It is listed as a product. Simply use the search function for "Gift Wrap"

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