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Silk Meditation Mask

Product image 1Silk Meditation Mask
Product image 2Silk Meditation Mask
Product image 3Silk Meditation Mask
Product image 4Silk Meditation Mask
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100% Natural Mulberry Silk Meditation Mask 

Drop easily into your meditation with these soft and comfortable unisex eye shades. Our easy adjust, natural & lightweight eye masks block the light from your eyes which naturally stimulates the pineal gland to produce the hormone melatonin. Increased melatonin levels in the blood very often trigger a deep and calming meditation experience. 

Great for your daily meditation practice, when traveling and as part of a nightly sleep hygiene routine. 

BONUS: Meditation is a fabulous way to support your body’s natural ability to produce melatonin and create good sleep hygiene, without the negative effects of a supplement. A research team at the University of Massachusetts discovered people who meditated frequently had higher melatonin levels than those who didn’t. Studies also found people who meditate regularly have better REM sleep and spend more time in deep wave sleep, with stronger theta, alpha, and delta waves.


Available Colors: Black, Navy Blue, Green, Pink, Gray
100% Mulberry Silk cover | 100% Cotton fill | Elastic banding
Unisex: men and women 
Size: One Size Adjustable | 10.5 cm H x 20.5 cm W (8.5 cm at the bridge of the nose)
Recommended Applications: Meditation, Travel, Sleep Hygiene, Lucid Dreaming & Astro Travel
Brand Name: MERALL
Origin: CN

Care Instructions:

1 Wash with like colors to prevent dyeing.
2. Use a gentle detergent, soaking time should not exceed 30mins
3. Wash on gentle cycle in the washing machine, lay flat to dry in the shade
4. Ensure mask is clean and completely dry before storing for long periods of time. 

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