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LEAF | Lotus Wrap

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~ Leaf Lotus Wrap ~ puts you in a happy zen state of mind from the get-go!  

2021 Limited Edition Lotus Wraps are feather light and offer uncompromising strength and stability just as our Classic Wraps. 

The Lotus Wrap is a multi-function back and posture support. Good posture affects your health, your mood and your motivation. Usually people only begin to understand the importance of posture once their body is so damaged from slumping that sitting aches become chronic pain. The Lotus Wrap is a posture trainer so you’re not stuck using it for life, although you‘ll want to!

Wearing the Lotus Wrap for just 15 minutes a day helps improve posture when you sit or stand. Traditional back supports only focus on your lumbar spine and are usable in just one or two positions. The Lotus Wrap not only stabilizes your pelvis when sitting which restores your spine’s natural curvature and provides lumbar support, but it is a convenient strap for stretching, retrains your posture in by wrapping the shoulders and is also a resistance band for physical therapy rehabilitation exercises. 

The Lotus Wrap is such a versatile wellness trainer that you can upcycle at least 5 therapy tools in your kit: single position posture correctors and meditation chairs, yoga straps, therapy bands and ribozos are covered with just one Lotus Wrap! 

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Fabric: 50% Cotton | 50% Rayon
Regular: 96" inches | 124 grams
XLong: 114” inches | 136 grams 
Width: 17“ inches
Care: Cold water wash, hang to dry, iron low

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