Spirit Trees

Throughout Thailand, trees are wrapped with an orange cloth.

Why? In Buddhist tradition, it indicates a spirit inhabits that tree and therefore renders it sacred and impossible to cut down.

Monks ordain trees by wrapping them with a thin piece of blessed cloth as part of a growing environmental movement because it aligns with a primary objective of Buddhism: to relieve suffering.

Meditation is a safe and effective approach to confronting our sometimes painful life stories. In order to eradicate suffering we need to face stories which bring shame, dishonor or pain and come at them with the curiosity of children, allowing a new perspective; one of objectivity and clarity.

Understanding our thought processes requires dedication, time and delivers the ultimate reward: self-compassion, forgiveness and the release of suffering.

Take a page from an eco-monk’s book and wrap yourself in cloth, sit as still as a tree and proclaim yourself sacred, and therefore impossible to cut down!

Sat Nam,

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