Note to Self

Every day, sometimes twice a day, I come to stillness and recite the following note to myself: 

"I invite the universe to support all of my dreams and desires. I allow universal flow to enter the space within and surrounding my body. I trust how my life unfolds and know I am supported by the world and the other souls I encounter in this life. They are here to create change and enjoy the experience, just as I. I am always supported by universal creative consciousness. I trust the feeling of ease. I feel the flow and step into that divine river. Where there is resistance - I notice. Flow is God. Resistance is a barrier to my true self. I know myself through meditation. Meditation gives me the perspective to see this resistance so I can allow it the space to manifest and move, to transmute and transform into something else, but ultimately not be stuck in my mind or body. I am an energy converter, an exchanger. I have the ability to uplift energies on earth by feeling them and transmuting them into the realms of ease and flow. I feel the sensations of resistance and flow. I allow both and invite the embodiment of this exceptional life experience."

This is my daily practice, a spiritual ritual if you will. It's the realm I aspire to live in. I am by no means special or psychic, just a regular person with exceptional hopes and dreams. I want to live a life with meaning and magic. This is how I keep it interesting and myself invested. 

If these words speak to you then I invite you to make it your own. I created an event on my phone's calendar and set an alarm to alert me in the morning. I read it then reschedule it again for the afternoon. Allow this to be really easy for yourself. No need to sit and meditate or even be alone or quiet. No matter what's going on around you can simply focus your attention on your body and then notice any sensations. Invite your breath down into your belly. Don't get caught up in thought if the breath doesn't accept the invitation - it's not a problem. Move on to the words. Be present with your emotions and sensations as you recite the words in your mind. There is no right or wrong, good or bad. There's simply what you feel. This is your truth in the moment.  

If you enjoy learning new ways to bridge "regular" life with spiritual life I invite you to come play with us Sunday's from 9-10:30 in N. Vancouver. Get your class pass today @studio202community or click the image below

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