Enough is Enough! Yoga and Meditation Series for Women in Transition

Today I'd like to share a bit about the Enough is Enough! workshop series because this was my own personal practice a few months ago. ... 

My work was feeling very forced, business was slow and I was contemplating going back to film which is not my happy place. Frankly, I was beat down tired! So prior to throwing in the towel I thought, 'Surrender. Just surrender.' I stopped trying and just sat with myself. 

It was super difficult at the time to meditate because my mind was incessantly playing out future scenarios and all that I should be doing. Over the next week I attended various meditation groups and spiritual gatherings to connect both within and without. During one meditation session I was reluctantly told by an intuitive that her guides kept urging her to warn me that my second chakra was all out of whack and that I knew how to clear it. 

The second chakra is famous for controling sexuality and creativity, but it's also responsible for things like the ability to make clear decisions, believe in ones-self and connect to others. I was definitley aware of the problem but I never had the courage to deal with it. I assumed this meant divulging my deepest, darkest sexual secrets to a therapist one day, so when she said I knew how to clear it I was so relieved! I knew the answer was yoga! 

Returning home, I went straight to my yoga books and found a kundalini kriya to clear sacral blocks. The next day I practiced the asanas along with journaling, meditation and intuition for three straight hours. I practiced with the same intesity for the next seven days and was given insight after insight. 

To make this long story short, it was revealed to me that this is what I came to do and work through in this lifetime. The struggles were essential so I could one day teach. Now I'm not saying I'm an expert by any means but I've really struggled in this area and am honored to share the techniques and my experience that helped me through.   

The Enough is Enough! series is an opportunity to go deep and transform your life from the inside out. We'll laugh, cry and best of all we're here for each other. Allow yourself the gift of time to heal. 

Sat Nam!

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