Welcome to Earth to Ethers! I hope you find comfort in connecting with like-minded people trying to live their best lives. I use the word try because we’re all living the best we know how at this moment, and as we know better we’ll do better.

For instance, there’ve been many days where I’ve forfeited my daily meditation and had to practice ahimsa instead; and that’s a big deal for a yoga and meditation teacher! Ahimsa means loving kindness towards self and others, and is an opportunity to practice mindfulness in daily life. Practicing ahimsa means forgiving oneself on days where you don’t do, be or feel everything you think you “should.” It means living by example – not being perfect, but authentic.

In the creation of this company there’ve been many things I could’ve done differently, but if I kept waiting for the perfect moment to arrive I’d never manifest anything. Instead I decided to learn as I go and practice ahimsa. For me that’s better than waiting for perfect to arrive.

This is my authentic adventure and brings connection to myself and others. Let’s stop trying and journey on together …

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